The edited story - How GMO's in Maccas are giving you DIABETES!

Written by Tote Illbull

A month ago, we had our top reporter, Fae Kenooes, infiltrate McDonalds, and found out that GMO's are used in every meal. Chances of being afflicted by Type 2 Diabetes can be slightly heightened by things such as being obese and not partaking in physical exercise, but here at Buzzfood, we can say without a doubt that the main cause is GMO's in Maccas. We recommend instead becoming vegan.

Unedited Information - Lifestyle choices that can cause it

Being overweight and obese are lifestyle choices that increase the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. As well as that, the risk can also be increased by lack of physical activity and stress. Eating meals high in fat and low in fibre increase the risk. Smoking appears to increase the risk as well.

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