The edited story - If any of these 6 things describe you, you are probably part of the Diabetes Squad Fam!

Written by Noel Aiyedear

  1. If you become thirsty while doing your dab fest, it may be because you have DIABETES!
  2. If, while you are screaming at a sexist pig for assuming your gender, you need to be a lot more than normal, you are probably a DIABETERS!
  3. If you are hungry, even after eating your super healthy, great for the environment vegan grass cake you may have the LEET DIABETE!
  4. If there is undue weight loss, you may have the DIABETE FROM YOUR HEAD TO YOUR FEET!
  5. If, while you are browsing dank memes on Tumblr, you vision blurs, your health just got DIABEATEN!
  6. If you get fatigued while tweeting about racism, DON"T EAT CAUSE YOU HAVE THE DIABETE

Unedited Information - Symptoms

The main symptoms of type 2 diabetes are excessive thirst, more frequent urination, increased hunger, undue weight loss, blurred vision and fatigue. However type 2 diabetes can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke by 100 to 300% and in developed countries it is the largest cause of blindness (not including blindness due to hitting or being hit by something) and kidney failure. It has also being linked with an increased chance to get mental illnesses such as dementia or alzheimer's.

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